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Michael Hamman Business Leader Santa Barbara

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3345 State Street #30922
Santa Barbara, CA 93130
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Michael is the Founder and Principal of TouchPoint Business Solutions, LLC, providing Interim Executive and Business Consulting services, as well as Exit Planning for business Owners. His focus is on hands-on implementation, rather than simply offering recommendations or writing a plan. For the past 15 years, he has focused on helping small business Owners solve their most difficult organizational challenges.

TouchPoint specializes in helping organizations plan and execute major transitions: completing an ‘extreme makeover’ of their operations, changing their business model, creating a strategic plan, a turnaround or major restructuring, spinning off or launching a new business unit, securing new financing, succession planning, and preparing for the future exit of the Founder or Owner.

Over 30+ years, Michael has gained extensive experience in all aspects of running and growing a business, while serving as CEO, President, COO, CFO, and Corporate Director, as well as on advisory boards for privately held companies, industry groups, non-profits, and educational institutions. His experience includes companies ranging from startups to global brands in business services, wholesale distribution, non-profits, banking, energy, communications, retail, public relations, real estate, and more.

Michael earned his BS in Finance and MBA at the University of Southern California (USC). He has extensive international experience, is a published author, a guest lecturer in college-level business courses, and has led the purchase and/or sale of seven companies to date. Michael is passionate about privately held businesses, and has a proven track record helping entrepreneurs and business owners define and achieve success.

How Dependent is Your Business on You?

Michael is also the author and co-creator of the Owner Dependence IndexTM, a web-based tool that measures eight critical aspects of any business, and assesses the level of Owner Dependence in each. It consists of 40 questions, and requires just 10-15 minutes to complete. A customized report based on your responses is provided immediately, via email.

Why should a Business Owner or executive be concerned with the level of Owner Dependence in their business? In addition to providing more time to be with family or pursue new business opportunities, a lower level of Owner Dependence may ultimately:

  • Reduce business risk
  • Unleash growth potential
  • Provide more flexibility to choose your level of involvement in the business
  • Provide more future exit options
  • Increase marketability
  • Increase enterprise value

Follow this link to complete the Owner Dependence IndexTM and receive your free, no obligation evaluation:  http://odireport.com/Survey/Register/BF1D1F01_19